7-Minute Workout for Windows Phone 8 is available throught the Windows Phone Marketplace. There are now two versions. The original app is still available in a try/buy format. All of the features that were available in previous paid versions are now available to anyone. Additional features come free to users who have already paid or new users who buy it. The second version, 7-Minute Workout FREE, also allows the user to perform the full workout for free. A one-time in-app purchase enables additional features, such as changing duration or order.

Note to Paid Users RE: AUDIO

If you've updated the app and sounds no longer work, please be advised that the next update will fix this bug. Meanwhile, if you uninstall the app and reinstall it (using the link below), that should fix the problem. You will not be charged again...even though it looks like you might! Please let us know via the feedback button in the app if it doesn't or if you have any other issues, questions or suggestions. We love to hear from our users!


View exercise instructions: HTML | PDF

Ballistica v.1.1 for Windows Phone 7.5+ is available throught the Windows Phone Marketplace.

You can download the manual in PDF format.

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